Tasmanian Light Changing Invention Wins

Electricians make a light changing invention that will revolutionize safety and efficiency in industrial lighting maintenance.  

Tasmanian inventor Chris Trewin and business partner Bruce Christian both electricians have developed a new product, Connex which eliminates the risk of electric shock and allows repairs on light fittings to be undertaken with minimal time spent in the field. The product, produced and marketed by 300K Enterprises Pty Ltd is particularly suitable for lighting used in mining and other industrial sites where outdoor lighting is required. See the 300K website at  http://www.300k.com.au/products.php

Chris and Bruce were the winners of the Judges’ Choice Award for their product on the ABC1 Television show The New Inventors (screened 10 February 2010). See the ABC1 Television website at http://www.abc.net.au/tv/newinventors/txt/s2811710.htm.  

Patent applications are pending for the invention. 300K Enterprises Pty Ltd is a client of Tasmanian Patent Services.